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Yin Yang Tattoo Designs Ideas

Yin Yang Tattoo Couple

Yin Yang Tattoo Philosophy

The yin yang tattoo is a called a tajitu tattoo. This tattoo is inspired from Chinese philosophy. The circle symbol which is divided into two parts, yin and yang area shows about the balance life. In this case, black half symbol represents about Yin, and white half symbol represents about Yang. The Yin and Yang Tattoos are very popular now. Now, I will give you unique and interesting yin yang tattoo designs for you.

The Yin Yang Tattoo Designs Idea

If you want to make a yin yang tattoo on your body, you must consider about the tattoo size. A bigger tattoo is suitable for men, and smaller tattoo is suitable for women. In addition, the body tattoo position for men and women is important; men are suitable to draw this tattoo around chest or back. Whereas, women are suitable to draw this tattoo smaller around hand, feet, nape, or upper her arm. A monochromatic tattoo idea is suitable for every kind of skin. The color is perfect. To make this tattoo more unique and interesting, you can also combine with dragon and round fire, chain, or other variations. So, let’s make the most unique and awesome yin yang tattoo designs.

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