Your First Tattoo: Addicted and Seductive

Tattoo is just like drug or video games, in term of how this action can make those who have tattooed their bodies, will do that again and again. It does not mean that tattoo is a symbol of criminalist, absolutely not, but it is more into artistic and mode, and nowadays, it became fashion and popular, among teenagers and adults, both of men and women. Then, your first tattoo is always just a beginning for other tattoos, and it is normal because its seductive and attractive sides are just adorable.

First tattoo experience for anyone who tattooed his or her body is unforgettable and of course that each step that is done by the artists will be remembered well. Like from cleaning and sterilize the tools, giving some disinfectant and alcohol, the start to paint in the skin. Those are just what that comes up from your first tattoo.

Your first tattoo is always being the first gate of how you will be involved in the realm of painting body with kind of permanent ink. The unforgettable experience when you decide to show your artistic side and materializing your specific events into your skin is when you see your first tattoo, you are deliberately reminded with the feeling of first time.

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Tribal Tattoo Designs: Unique and Antique Art

Tribal tattoo designs are ancient and the first rank tattoo which are demanded to be painted in skin. These cool and symbolic designs are nowadays become more popular every day since its ancient taste can be combined with recent modern elements. But still, their origins which are borrowed from generation to generation cannot be erased.

Designs of tribal tattoo are vary, the common ones are Maori, Haida and Polynesian designs, but the most popular one from tribal tattoo designs is Maori which came from the Maori people, New Zealand. One thing that differ this style with others it is that the bold lines and the repetition of some motifs and designs which are prominent, suited with the old ways of Maori people, carving and weaving.

Tribal tattoo designs cover the terms of the joy which are occurred from showing the indigenous feeling of ancient form and style into a modern graphic style. Its flexibility is just perfect for combining this unique and antique side of tribal sense into modern forms which are represented in tattoo. Then, those feelings are good for showing the modernity in the old fashioned style, no wonder why this tribal is highly demanded and favored for the artists.

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Tattoo Ideas for Women: Not Extreme and Not Striking

The tattoo realm is not just identical with men, but also women, like you see in West countries. And then, it spread to the East countries and looks like the influence is really big. Women have the special offers which are showed from many designs which are deliberately made for women and just for women. But still, even though there is such of particularity; women have wide and vary tattoo ideas for women nowadays.

Women tattoo ideas can be came from the feminist like using the things or symbols which refer to women, like flowers, butterfly, ladybug or other women designs. Tattoo ideas for women are commonly showing the feminist, change the label of manlier or creepy impression of tattoo itself which stick on man realm.

Tattoo ideas for women can be also sensitive and involved emotional feeling, since women are naturally born with the sensitive feelings and now those sensitive things can be materialized from the feminine designs of tattoos. It is true that women can use the other manly or brave or wild designs, but still using the feminine designs are so much better for not overlapping the limit, and the point is, showing the beauty of tattoo itself.

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Cat Tattoo Designs: Symbol of Bravery

Tattoos with cat designs are vary, since the word of cat itself does not just refer to the usual cat, but also tiger, lion, cheetah, hyena and other cat families. Then, cat tattoo designs are vary since there are many options which is the most suitable with your desire. Those animals are commonly served the symbol of bravery, since those animals are the most feared animal among others.

When choosing the lion for your car tattoo designs, then it shows the powerful and wisdom. Like always lion which represents the powerful position among other animals, and commonly referred to a wise figure. Then, if you choose tiger or cheetah, its speed and fast moving is showing the credibility of gripping their food. Those feared animals are also feared by human whom it’s wild or beast natures, then it also takes over human fears and power.

Cat tattoo designs are just perfect to show your power and to give the brave impression. Tattoo with those designs will be wonderful and those are demanded by both men and women. But usually, for women, they tend to choose the usual cat for the designs, but still those cats are brave and wise.

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