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Mehndi Tattoo: From Traditional for Modern Art

Mehndi tattoo is temporary tattoo which is made of henna dye. Mehndi actually is not a tattoo. Tattoo is permanent marking which is made by injecting ink to the certain areas on skin. Whereas the Mehndi is not permanent, this kind of marking just stand on the skin temporarily. But the Mehndi art is common called as Mehndi tattoo in West. The Mehndi basically has been used since hundred years ago in Indian culture, but this Mehndi has been popular around world recently.

The Mehndi tattoo is used around Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North Africa. This marking art is commonly associated with India tradition. India people use the Mehndi tattoo for certain occasion, like wedding, party and on the baby birth. The Mehndi is usually applied for India girl on that special occasion.

The Mehndi tattoo is commonly applied to the certain area of body, like hand, arm, feet and leg, even though there are some people who use it for the whole of body. The design of Mehndi tattoo is intricate; this tattoo will cover skin in abstract shape, the floral pattern, artistic shape and the other decorative pattern. For more decoration the Mehndi tattoo can also be added with glued jewel, and then decorated with rings, bracelets and the other accessories.

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