ladybug on flower tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo: Feminine Symbol

Many feminine touch is now growing rapidly in the tattoo realm, like the ladybug tattoo which is a symbol of feminist which are popular in tattoo for women, and its philosophy ia also deep and really meaningful especially for women who decide to use this tattoo of ladybug for their tattoo, they hope many things by using this tattoo.

Ladybug tattoo has the meaning as the good luck, for every woman who paints this ladybug on their skin. Since long time ago, ladybug is believed as the Virgin Mary, if we connect it with Christian belief. Then if we go to East country, ladybug is considered as the luck on love matter, on how the spots on the ladybug is the number of months where women will meet their true love.

Ladybug tattoo symbolizes many feelings, like love, luck, friendship, protection and the deals which are well done. Those feelings are showing how ladybug is a sign of good things will come, and in contrary, killing a ladybug is the sign of bad luck, the storm and terrible problems will come for sure. Then, tattoo with ladybug design is just great for women who want to try and get the good luck from using the ladybug tattoo and prove this belief right away.

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