Black Panther Tattoo Designs

There are many kinds of cat that you can choose for your next tattoo ideas. The big cat that usually takes the interest is the lion. It will be the perfect option for those who want to send the message on bravery and powerful status. In the contrary, the cat may give you a cute impression. It will be much cuter when you choose the Hello Kitty as part of the tattoo idea.

Staying Away from the Lion and Hello Kitty Stuff

If you want to stay away from the lion or any Hello Kitty stuff, it will be the time to have black panther tattoo designs. Naturally, you can have the Black Panther tattoo with less detail applied. It makes the tattooing process much easier than having the lion based tattoo. It is also possible to modify the iconic playboy logo into your unique Black Panther logo.  Do not forget to change the word “playboy” to complete the tattoo design.

Careful Black Panther Design

Since the Black Panther will only fit in with black color, it will be important to ensure that the design do not mislead anyone. Do not let people to make a wild guess that you are trying to have a black cat as your tattoo. For this reason, accurate Black Panther body feature and pose will help you out.