Sexy Foot Tattoo

To give different body part interesting focus, applying tattoo will be one of the options that you have. You can take your foot as the point of interest when you have the suitable tattoo applied. For this purpose, you need to search for the tattoo design example that perfectly fit in with your foot. It is important to note that the design may give another hint for the trend period.

Minimalist Foot Tattoo

A sexy foot tattoo application is not always set in complex detail. It is possible to find the one with minimalist style applied.  The advantage to take minimalist tattoo is mainly set on shorter recovery time. It may also cost you less than the one with complex detail applied. Of course, if you still in doubt, taking the non permanent tattoo will help you to test the tattoo sexy value on limited time. Once you get the clue, you can start the permanent tattoo procedure.

The Shoes Support

To make sure that the tattoo really has sexy value, the footwear that you have will give the support. Depend on the foot tattoo position; you need to have the shoes with the right opening part on the tattoo area. Any custom made shoes will give you more design support for sexy tattoo on your foot.