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Dragon Tattoo: Symbol of Tremendous Creature

Dragon tattoo is really common and it symbolizes the great creature which are believed as the animal which brings many philosophy and its philosophy is looked depend on what places it is viewed. Like if in Chinese, dragon means the prosperity, the powerful sign of how this temper and full of anger creature is showing the credibility to control all the things around those who use tattoo of dragon designs.

Dragon tattoo is varying, the common ones are fire dragon tattoo and water dragon. Both of those tattoos are giving each meaning, like for the fire dragon tattoo, in Chinese belief, it is as the animal or creature which brings many benefits, that is why we often hear the Dragon year is the most respectful and waited year in China calendar, but in West countries, it shows the war to beat the enemy, as the ultimate test to be passed.

Dragon tattoo for the water ones refer four elements in compass, those are water, earth, underworld and sky. This refers to water dragon which is not human hearted, the signs of birth and renewal. Dragon tattoos are just great to show how an ancient animal brings the deep meaning into your skin.

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