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Fire Neck Tattoo Design

Tattoo is the art which is placed permanently on the surface of the body. Usually people will paint their art on the canvas but tattoo art will make the skin as canvas. There are some aspects which people should consider when they want to make tattoo. The design or course is very important but people also have to consider about the placement of the tattoo. Some areas of tattoo can be identical with tattoo owner gender. Low back is identical with women’s tattoo but neck can be chosen by men.

Design and Placement

Why people have to choose neck as the place for applying tattoo? People make tattoo as personal decision so it is okay for them to keep the tattoo for their selves. However, there are many people who want to expose their tattoo more so they choose visible place such as neck for placing tattoo. Neck is perfect for exposing tattoo because the neck usually will not be covered by the clothes.

There are various neck tattoo ideas for men. People can choose small design such as cross tattoo which is placed under the ear for instance. People can also make bigger tattoo design to be placed on one side of their neck. Applying tattoo all around the neck can also be great.

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