Breast Tattoo for Ladies

Unique Breast Tattoo Design

The tattoo is not only set for the boys. Even the ladies will have the same opportunity to have the tattoo. There is no iron rule for the tattoo application. But still, it will be better to learn which tattoo that perfectly matches with your gender preference. Most of the manly tattoos have the straight lines and clear message. While the tattoo for the ladies usually set with beautiful and cute value on the design.

Potential Breast Size Change Consideration

If you aim for sexy breast tattoos, it will be better to think about the chance for any breast change. Having bigger breast implant will give the old tattoo deformed. The same visual problem will also happen when you decide to take out the implant to gain the previous breast size. Aging will be the other reason for any deformed tattoo.

The Small Tattoo for Your Breast

To prevent any potential deformed tattoo due to dynamic changes on your breasts, it will be better to choose the small size tattoo. It will let you to make any extra tattoo to keep the old tattoo balance. It is important to know when to stop the tattooing. If you simply add too much extra tattoo around the old one, you will have another gradual full tattoo covering your breast.

Dragon Breast Tattood EsignFlower And Bird Tattoo Design On BreatJapanese Anime Tattoo On BreastMahendi Tattoo On Breast


Lower Back Tattoos for Girls Ideas

Tribal Lower Back Tattoo For Girls

Long time ago, people thought that tattoo is men thing. People even think that tattoo is only used by men who are also criminals. In fact, the tattoo history can be found many years ago from primitive tribes. Tattoo becomes important part of ritual which symbolized strength. The strength symbolism can still be found from men who have tattoo. However, a little bit different symbolization can be found when the tattoo is used by woman. Tattoo can represent sexiness moreover if it is placed on specific area of the body.

Sexy Lower Back Tattoo

Many girls want to show their personality as well as sexiness with various ways. It can be from their clothing or makeup but there is no doubt that many girls nowadays want to increase their look and sexiness by applying lower back tattoos for girls. Tattoo on lower back will never fail to show the sexiness.

Various ideas can be chosen for making the sexy and beautiful lower back tattoo for girls. Nevertheless, many girls prefer the design which has feminine touch such as butterfly. Other popular options of tattoo which can be placed on the lower back are heart and flower design. However, bird or tribal design can also be chosen for lower back tattoo.

Pretty Lower Back TattooRibbon Lower Back TattooCool Tribal Lower Back TattooButterfly Lower Back Tattoo


The Most Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Women

Camera Tattoo Idea

This amazing tattoo idea is cool. There are many unique cameras that you can draw on your skin. The old fashioned camera is perfect. The old fashioned cameras have various unique designs. Place this design around your arm which is innovated by finger tattoos holding the camera.

camera tattoo

Unique 3D Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo is like a real butterfly. You can make unique butterfly tattoo at your back. Choose natural color that can make it more gorgeous. This tattoo is suitable for women. They will look sexier and amazing with this tattoo design.

3d butterfly tattoo

Flower Tattoo Hand

Flower is perfect things for women. Add a unique and beautiful flower tattoo on your hand. You can choose various color combinations like red, pink, violet, yellow, or orange. In addition, to make it more perfect, add unique leaves design on it. You will be more feminine with this flower tattoo hand idea.

flower tattoo for woman

Bow Tattoo Idea

Bow is appropriate for women. This idea is perfect tattoo that you can place on your back neck, hand wrist, and feet wrist. Choose unique bow ribbon design which has long tails. It is very beautiful. So, those are the interesting and amazing tattoos ideas for women.

bow tattoo


The Back of Neck Tattoos Fo Women

The back of neck tattoos is very appropriate for women. This tattoos will show how sexy your neck. In order to make it more interesting, there are various tattoos for women to choose back of neck tattoos theme. Women are suitable to use sweet theme like tame animal, flower, love theme, and writing art theme. In this post, I will give you the attractive back of neck tattoos designs for women.

The Back Of Neck Tattoos Designs For Women

The first design is butterfly tattoo. This animal is very unique. You can make unique and amazing butterfly tattoos at your back of neck which are colored by colorful colors. The beautiful and colorful wings make your neck will be sexier. In addition, to make it interesting, you can also add some innovations such as adding beautiful flower. The butterfly and flower are suitable couple. The next one is key tattoos. The key tattoos which is combined by lock or chain is perfect. The unique key tattoo and chain along young neck will be more attractive. Those are the most interesting back of neck tattoos idea for women. Do you want to make a new one? Add other unique thing to make the most perfect tattoo!

Flower Neck Tattoo DesignCut And Stitch Tattoo DesignPeacock Feather Tattoo Design On NeckButterfly Neck TattooBird Tattoo On Neck


Leg Tattoos for Women

As women, the choices for the tattoo designs are various and more creative, for the legs, many designs are available and you can choose the one that is suitable for you. You can choose to tattoo your legs with many options, from the thigh up to knee, or from knee up to your ankle, or just in the ankle or in any spots around the legs. Leg tattoos for women are not limited and women are free to select the desirable ones.

Tattoos in legs are various, for women, if you decide to tattoo your legs in thighs, then you can choose the designs and styles which are wide and large, like the picture of human or animals, but of course that it must be looked abstract. Leg tattoos which are commonly used for the thighs usually the large or big ones to make it looks clear and able to be showed off.

Leg tattoos which are from knee up to ankle are creative and it makes you look like wearing stocking, moreover the colorful ones. You also can use the butterfly or the tribal tattoos for your leg; since these two are the most common ones or you can try to use the anchor and flowers designs.

Pink Ribbon Leg Tattoo For WomenBlack And White Leg Tattoo DesingMermaid Leg Tattoo For GirlsScorpion Leg Tattoo DesignHeart Flower Leg Tattoo Design


Ankle Tattoos for Women Reflecting Sexy Look

Tattoo design for women is more flexible than tattoo design for men. In addition, men cannot choose place of their body to be painted with eye catching tattoo. In other words, location of tattoo and design of tattoo for men is restricted. Ankle tattoos for women are common. On the other hand it is rare to see ankle tattoos for men. Besides, men tend to avoid make tattoo on their nape, stomach or buttock. If men apply ankle tattoo, their masculine image will disappear. Therefore, men and women have different perception in applying tattoo.

Ankle tattoos for women bear specific meaning. They feel so sexy with ankle tattoos. Here are appealing tattoo designs that could be included into your choice. Butterfly tattoo in assorted color will make your legs look so exotic. Music notes are very popular to be tattooed on your legs. Floral pattern tattoo adhered on your legs strengthen feminine sense. Star tattoo design is often chosen as popular ankle tattoo.

How much price of ankle tattoos for women? Ankle name tattoo is quite easy to create thus its price is not too expensive. Ankle tattoo designs with flower picture cost $29.95. To stick out feminine and soft image, flower tattoo is best tattoo design to be applied. Cheapest ankle tattoo costs $5.95. Read information about ankle tattoo design carefully to find out detail price and tattoo design.

Polynesian With Flower Tattoo For GirlsPeacock Tattoo On Girl AnkleNecklace Ankle Tattoo For GirlsMoon And Star Ankle Tattoo For GirlsFlower Ankle Tattoo For Girls


Ankle Tattoo: Perfect Tattoo for Women

Tattoo is not only for men, several women are also fond of this artistic thing. The general area that is chosen by women for the tattoo is ankle. Ankle tattoo gives interesting look for the women who have this tattoo. Women who have a tattoo in their ankle will look sexy and elegant. This tattoo can give the feminine side of a woman.

Ankle Tattoo is a perfect choice for women, since ankle area is the flexible area that can be covered or be opened as you want, so you can flaunt the tattoo you have made to your friends, in the other side when you need to come to formal event you can cover it by using long dress that can cover your leg, so you can hide your tattoo. It is very flexible tattoo and will be really suitable for women.

The ankle tattoo for woman is provided is so many design options. Just pick up the ankle tattoo design that will be suitable for your taste and your personality. The common option that is usually is picked by common women is the design that show feminine side of women, they are flowers, star, butterflies, angel’s wing, and heart. It will be a permanent tattoo for you, just pick the best one.

flower ankle tattoodolphin ankle tattootribal ankle tattoobutterfly ankle tattoorosary ankle tattoo


Inner Arm Tattoos for Women

Some people consider tattoo as something cool. The other else make a tattoo to boost their confidence, since when they have a tattoo stick out, they will feel more confident. Most people choose inner arm as the area where they want the tattoo stick. Inner arm tattoos will be great choice, since it enables your tattoo to be seen by another people. People can see it when you wear sleeveless shirt, so you can show your tattoo off.

People who usually make an inner arm tattoos is women people. Women usually prefer to make inner arm tattoos because have a tattoo in this area can be a something cool and sexy, women who make a tattoo in inner arm will look sexy and interesting. While men prefer to make a tattoo on entire their arm, women would prefer to choose inner arm rather than whole of arm.

The designs for inner arm tattoos are various to be chosen. Most of women prefer to choose certain symbol for this inner arm tattoo, like star, flower, the name of her boyfriends or the other chic symbol. Meanwhile the other else choose a quote written on their inner arm to decorate the arm.

flower inner arm tattoo

flower inner arm tattoo

face inner arm tattoo

face inner arm tattoo

word inner arm tattoo

word inner arm tattoo

bird inner arm tattoo

bird inner arm tattoo

angelina jolie's inner arm tattoo

angelina jolie’s inner arm tattoo


Tattoo Ideas for Women: Not Extreme and Not Striking

The tattoo realm is not just identical with men, but also women, like you see in West countries. And then, it spread to the East countries and looks like the influence is really big. Women have the special offers which are showed from many designs which are deliberately made for women and just for women. But still, even though there is such of particularity; women have wide and vary tattoo ideas for women nowadays.

Women tattoo ideas can be came from the feminist like using the things or symbols which refer to women, like flowers, butterfly, ladybug or other women designs. Tattoo ideas for women are commonly showing the feminist, change the label of manlier or creepy impression of tattoo itself which stick on man realm.

Tattoo ideas for women can be also sensitive and involved emotional feeling, since women are naturally born with the sensitive feelings and now those sensitive things can be materialized from the feminine designs of tattoos. It is true that women can use the other manly or brave or wild designs, but still using the feminine designs are so much better for not overlapping the limit, and the point is, showing the beauty of tattoo itself.

tattoo ideas for women shoulder

tattoo ideas for women on hip

tattoo ideas for women neck

tattoo ideas for women on ribs

tattoo ideas for women on foot