Angelina Jolie Struggles When Her Kids Want Tattoos like Hers

Angelina Jolie Struggles With Her Kids Wanting Tattoos like Hers

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Nick Cannons New Tattoo – Bye Bye Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon shows off his tattoo cover up of what was once a tattoo for his soon to be ex wife, Mariah Carey

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This What Santa Looks Like Under His Red Suit – Santa Tattoos

Is this what Santa looks like under his red suit?

Vitor Martins, a 59-year-old from Brazil, has been a department store Santa for 15 years – and is almost entirely covered in Christmassy tattoos under his red and white costume



“Some people seek me out to find out who this ‘tattooed Santa’ is. While others find out [I have tattoos] and all of a sudden they don’t want to work with me any more and look for a different Santa. It depends a lot on the individual,” he said.

But he added that attitudes towards the inked designs were changing.

“So you and your wife have tattoos, but your kids don’t yet. But when they’re ten or 12-years-old, they’re gonna want to get one, and you won’t be able to say ‘no’, because you have some. So this generation is going to change.

“The day will come when I’m sitting in the chair in the shopping mall, not in a bathing suit, but in a pair of shorts and flip-flops and the little hat with a ball hangin’ there, asking, ‘Hey buddy, how’s it goin’? What’d ya want this Christmas?’”

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The Interesting Eminem Tattoos

Eminem tattoos are a tattoo which is inspired from Eminem super rapper star. There are interesting tattoos which are drawn in his body. In case, there are many people want to imitate his tattoos. In this article, I want to give some information about the eminem tattoos meaning.

The Eminem Tattoos Meaning

He paint letter “D” on his right forearm. It tells that Eminem was born at Detroit. The next tattoo is “D-12” on his left forearm. This tattoo tells about his first rap group, Dirty Dozen. On the inside of his right wrist, he writes a “Slit Me” tattoo. This tattoo tells about his troubled life. He tells that he have done bad experience in his whole life. The next one is a gothic bracelet tattoo around his left wrist. This tattoo was made when he was drunk. When somebody asks him about this tattoo meaning, he cannot remember why he did it. The attractive tattoo on his left arm about Detroit city complete situation which show about this city life, building, fire, and many others are drawn fantastically. It is also completed with “Slim Shady” and “Ronnie RIP” tattoos that reminded him about his nickname and his beloved uncle who committed suicide in 1991.Proof Eminem Tattoo On SleeveRonnie And Hailie Eminem TattooEminem Tattoo InspirationEminem TattooEminem Tattoo On Arm