Black Panther Tattoo Designs

There are many kinds of cat that you can choose for your next tattoo ideas. The big cat that usually takes the interest is the lion. It will be the perfect option for those who want to send the message on bravery and powerful status. In the contrary, the cat may give you a cute impression. It will be much cuter when you choose the Hello Kitty as part of the tattoo idea.

Staying Away from the Lion and Hello Kitty Stuff

If you want to stay away from the lion or any Hello Kitty stuff, it will be the time to have black panther tattoo designs. Naturally, you can have the Black Panther tattoo with less detail applied. It makes the tattooing process much easier than having the lion based tattoo. It is also possible to modify the iconic playboy logo into your unique Black Panther logo.  Do not forget to change the word “playboy” to complete the tattoo design.

Careful Black Panther Design

Since the Black Panther will only fit in with black color, it will be important to ensure that the design do not mislead anyone. Do not let people to make a wild guess that you are trying to have a black cat as your tattoo. For this reason, accurate Black Panther body feature and pose will help you out.


Elephant Tattoo Designs

Jungle Elephant Tattoo On Arm

You will find animal as the common option in tattoo design. The eagle will be a good sample for those who aim for giving message for freedom and even nationalism. At the same time, it can be a rare decision to have elephant as the tattoo design. Most people simply define elephant as the big animal with the fear to the mouse.

Ensuring the Tattoo Design

To get the best possible way to apply the elephant as the design idea, it is important to make sure the elephant tattoo designs first.  You can take the elephant silhouette as the small tattoo ideas.  You can choose the one with complete body shape or simply take the partial part of the elephant. For most of the partial elephant design, the option may range from the ivory up to the elephant head.

The Tattoo Position

The position for the tattoo will give you different option. You can put the small elephant tattoo silhouette anywhere. For the biggest elephant tattoo with real detail applied, your back will be the best option. It will be important to get the raw design before the tattoo artist work the design on your skin. The skin aging line will give a good impression for the elephant age. So, it will be realistic to have more wrinkled as the elephant is set at old age.

Elephant Tattoo Design On ShoulderElephant Music Tattoo DesignCalf Elephant Tattoo Design


Meaningful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Pretty Koi Fish Tattoo

People cannot separate tattoo from culture. Tattoo appears as part of culture especially in primitive tribes. People of course cannot separate tattoo from modern culture. People will also choose the tattoo design from various cultural backgrounds. People can choose tattoo from various inspirations including quote and animal for instance. Many animals can be found in the world but it does not mean that people will choose any animal. They will choose meaningful animal and this can be the reason why they make koi fish tattoo designs from oriental cultural background.

Koi Fish Symbolism

Koi fish can be found a lot in country with oriental culture such as in China and Japan. There is kind of legend associated with koi fish and the god. It makes the koi fish has certain meaning according to the culture. Nowadays, many people love to make koi fish pond in their home not only for adding the look but also the luck.

Yes, good luck becomes the biggest symbolism which people can find from the koi fish. People can bring the good luck anywhere by making the koi fish as tattoo idea. They of course will be able to get the beautiful tattoo look since the koi fish can be found in various beautiful colors and pattern combination.

Koi Fish Tattoo On SleeveKoi Fish Tattoo For WomenCute Koi Fish Tattoo On FootFull Back Koi Tattoo For Women


The Cool Snake Arm Tattoos For Women

Snake has precious meanings of wisdom, fertility, mythical association, having high knowledge. In case, the snake arm tattoo meanings are positive or negative value. Those values are based on the person who makes this tattoo. The snake arm tattoos for women have various variations. Do you want to make the coolest snake arm tattoos? So, check this post that discover about the cool snake arm tattoos for women design.

The Snake Arm Tattoos Designs for Women

The first design is curled snake arm tattoo design. The scary curled tattoo design looks very nice on your arm. The pure black color design gives the most effective shading on your skin. To make it more interesting, you can add other eye-catching color in your design. This design reminds about the bible story about Hawa’s seduction getting apple which is curled by the snake. The next one is tribal snake arm tattoo design. There are many legend tribal stories which tell about snake philosophy and religious rituals. This tattoo design is very suitable for women. The unique tribal snake tattoo which is sweetened by unique tribal symbol looks cool and perfect. So, which snake arm tattoos will you choose? They are cool, aren’t they?

Unique Snake Tattoo On Arm For GirlsImpressive Snake Tattoo On ArmRattle Snake Tattoo For WomenMad Snake Tattoo On ArmCool Snake Tattoo On Sleeve


Positive Various Meanings of Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin tattoo is favored with many people who want to paint their bodies permanently since the designs are quite various and so the meanings. Dolphin itself is commonly related with the friendly animal in marine lives, like you may see in some movies of how friendly they are toward human. Tattoo with dolphin design then suitable for you who want to show your friendliness and hospitality.

Then you can use dolphin tattoo for showing how important a harmony is. Dolphin is great mammal which can cooperate well both toward their own kind and toward human. It also shows your intelligence since dolphin is an animal which can be educated and trained well so you can use the dolphin designs for tattoo to show how you are learnable and interest with their skill on understanding something’s new.

This tattoo is available both for men and women, because it is flexible and you may choose or designs the desirable one. You may tattoo this friendly tattoo in hip or nape of neck to make it invisible, but you can show it clearly if you tattoo it in legs or arms or in the other high visible spots. Then, you can judge and decide what the exact meaning of your own dolphin tattoo.

dolphin with rose tattoo designdolphin with arabic word on armtribal dolphin tattoo designdolphin back tattoo for girlslove dolphin tattoo design on lower back


Turtle Tattoo Design

Turtle tattoo is very amazing thing. Having these kinds of tattoo may something different for you. As you know that there are so many kinds of ideas of the style of tattoo. Turtle is one of them. There are so many people like having this model of tattoo. You may come to them for asking the reason why they do this job. After that, you can go the tattoo shop for having these kinds of tattoo.

There are so many size of Turtle tattoo for you. You may apply one of the, on your body. If you put it on your shoulder, that will be the nice thing to see. You may combine the turtle with the various kinds of letter so that it will be the best thing on your body. But you have to remember that the process of the tattoo may be something painful for you.

This is the short discussion about the Turtle tattoo. It deals with the concept of having the picture of animals on the body. If you like having this concept, applying this may be something good for you. But you need to see the position of the tattoo so that it will be suitable for you.

turtle tattoo on hipturtle and paw on chestturtle on the sea tattoo designsick turtle tattoo designthree turtles tattoo for women


Dragon Tattoo: Symbol of Tremendous Creature

Dragon tattoo is really common and it symbolizes the great creature which are believed as the animal which brings many philosophy and its philosophy is looked depend on what places it is viewed. Like if in Chinese, dragon means the prosperity, the powerful sign of how this temper and full of anger creature is showing the credibility to control all the things around those who use tattoo of dragon designs.

Dragon tattoo is varying, the common ones are fire dragon tattoo and water dragon. Both of those tattoos are giving each meaning, like for the fire dragon tattoo, in Chinese belief, it is as the animal or creature which brings many benefits, that is why we often hear the Dragon year is the most respectful and waited year in China calendar, but in West countries, it shows the war to beat the enemy, as the ultimate test to be passed.

Dragon tattoo for the water ones refer four elements in compass, those are water, earth, underworld and sky. This refers to water dragon which is not human hearted, the signs of birth and renewal. Dragon tattoos are just great to show how an ancient animal brings the deep meaning into your skin.

dragon tattoo on footdragon tattoo designs armdragon tattoo designs shoulderdragon tattoos 3ddragon tattoo japanese


Ladybug Tattoo: Feminine Symbol

Many feminine touch is now growing rapidly in the tattoo realm, like the ladybug tattoo which is a symbol of feminist which are popular in tattoo for women, and its philosophy ia also deep and really meaningful especially for women who decide to use this tattoo of ladybug for their tattoo, they hope many things by using this tattoo.

Ladybug tattoo has the meaning as the good luck, for every woman who paints this ladybug on their skin. Since long time ago, ladybug is believed as the Virgin Mary, if we connect it with Christian belief. Then if we go to East country, ladybug is considered as the luck on love matter, on how the spots on the ladybug is the number of months where women will meet their true love.

Ladybug tattoo symbolizes many feelings, like love, luck, friendship, protection and the deals which are well done. Those feelings are showing how ladybug is a sign of good things will come, and in contrary, killing a ladybug is the sign of bad luck, the storm and terrible problems will come for sure. Then, tattoo with ladybug design is just great for women who want to try and get the good luck from using the ladybug tattoo and prove this belief right away.

cute ladybug tattooladybug tattoo on footladybug on flower tattoorealistic ladybug tattooladybug heart tattoo


Cat Tattoo Designs: Symbol of Bravery

Tattoos with cat designs are vary, since the word of cat itself does not just refer to the usual cat, but also tiger, lion, cheetah, hyena and other cat families. Then, cat tattoo designs are vary since there are many options which is the most suitable with your desire. Those animals are commonly served the symbol of bravery, since those animals are the most feared animal among others.

When choosing the lion for your car tattoo designs, then it shows the powerful and wisdom. Like always lion which represents the powerful position among other animals, and commonly referred to a wise figure. Then, if you choose tiger or cheetah, its speed and fast moving is showing the credibility of gripping their food. Those feared animals are also feared by human whom it’s wild or beast natures, then it also takes over human fears and power.

Cat tattoo designs are just perfect to show your power and to give the brave impression. Tattoo with those designs will be wonderful and those are demanded by both men and women. But usually, for women, they tend to choose the usual cat for the designs, but still those cats are brave and wise.

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